Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Art of Music in Las Vegas Knows Movies and TV

Action, comedy, science fiction, drama, historic – lovers of the silver screen and the home screen can find interesting memorabilia at the Art of Music in Las Vegas. They’ve got photos, posters, and collectibles galore from classic and modern movies and television shows.

People have been buying, selling, and collecting movie and TV memorabilia for years. Clothing and props are the most popular items, but they can be fairly pricey – a pair of Judy Garland’s ruby red slippers first went for $15,000 and another pair went for 11 times that much in the 1980s. And that’s just one example! It is reported that other high-ticket items include Charlie Chaplin’s hat and cane and Marilyn Monroe’s halter-top dress from “The Seven Year Itch” – each of these went for $150,000!

 Art of Music Las Vegas
Not everyone can afford to spend the cost of a car, a mortgage, or their college education on just one piece of cinematic history, though many would love to. It is more attainable and just as thrilling to own smaller props, photographs, or posters with the autographs of original cast members from favorite, well known movies and TV shows. From the Lone Ranger to Walter White, Butch Cassidy to Batman, the Art of Music Las Vegas has the scope to capture something from everyone’s entertainment dreams. While they don’t have the original movie posters, the signed replicas have authentic autographs. They make collecting and enjoying affordable. Check them out online or in Vegas! You are sure to have a good time taking in the sites and rare mementos.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Art of Music Las Vegas - Professional Athletes Greatest Moments

The never-ending sports memorabilia found in the boutique of the Art of Music in Las Vegas is sure to hit a homerun with any avid collector. The Art of Music is home to unique items once owned by professional athletes who have made their remarkable print in the pages of history.

From jerseys to photos to movie posters all the greats are hanging out in one shop. Within the walls of the Art of Music, there is always something special waiting to find its way into the hands of a collector. Memorabilia from the athletes that worked hard to get to the top include signed baseballs and personal effects from the likes of Olympic teams to the New York Yankees and Rangers.

Art of Music Las Vegas 

Rare items that make any customers’ collection complete can be found at the Art of Music. All pieces are unique and can be purchased in store on online. Master jackets that were awarded to the famous golf players of the past and present make a final swing into the homes of the collectors that religiously followed the careers of their owners. From hockey sticks to boxing gloves, the Art of Music has something special for every customer that walks through their door.

All of those historic hole-in-ones, half court shots, knock-outs, and home-runs come back to life through the memorabilia found lining the shelves and hanging on the walls in the unique shops at the Art of Music Las Vegas. Customers re-live those moments each and every day as they shop for their next treasure, time and time again.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Art of Music in Las Vegas - The Magic of Memorabilia

The amazing thing about music is its ability of arousing listener’s emotions and memories in their mind every time they hear a particular song. Collectors of the memorabilia that belongs to their favorite artists in the music industry have a tangible memory refresher, which keeps those precious memories coming back to them every time. The Art of Music in Las Vegas affords its customers the ability to have a physical item that keeps the connection between the beloved music and artists that collectors love.

Art of Music Las Vegas 

The endless inventory of the Art of Music’s memorabilia supplies unique items that can’t be found anywhere else. If they don’t have a particular item that a customer is searching for, Art of Music will locate it for them through their resources in the collection industry.

When customers walk through the door, they become immersed in the magic of music through the memorabilia collections that are displayed throughout the store. There are three locations to choose from in sin city: The Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, the Mirage Resort, and the District at the MGM Grand. Customers can browse the brick and mortar shops or shop online through the Art of Music website.

Collectors don’t need to look any further for the unique autograph, movie prop or personal items such as clothing worn by the music stars themselves. All the guests that walk through the doors of the Art of Music in Las Vegas will find their own intimate article that gives them a deep connection with the personal life of their favorite star. The Art of Music Las Vegas even has frequent celebrity guest appearances for signings.